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Professional broadcast Audio and Video Creative Production

Serving clients world-wide with professional broadcast Audio and Video Creative Production


“AUDIO VIDEO NETWORKS is one of the top producing JINGLE companies in the United States. We have been producing all custom jingles since 1990, with fresh and powerful production and well known singers / producers.
Our team of singers has worked with some of the biggest names in music industry. Our experience and production is truly unmatched, with JINGLES that sound more like HIT SONGS, than jingles”.

Ron Edwards, CEO and Executive Commercial Producer

Ron Edwards, CEO and executive commercial producer of Audio Video Networks llc, started as a studio musician and musical image (jingle) producer just out of college, in 1985. His proficiency on the piano, and natural knowledge of music, musical arranging, and voice tonality, quickly advanced him to one of the nation’s top volume broadcast commercial producers over the next 10 years, having produced nearly 5000 custom jingles and production spots to date, in nearly every state in the USA, along with dozens of countries.

An audio face to your brand

Visually Ad targeted